Writing Competitions
Upcoming Deadlines

Burnt Pine Magazine

  This online lit magazine has open submissions for all of its genres at the moment.  You can submit to multiple genres as long as it is only 3 pieces per genre.  They have a hard word limit of 2,500 per piece as well.  Here’s what I like about this one though- you can submit for free but for only $3 you not only get priority response time but they will also give you feedback if you aren’t accepted. Very, very few places will give you feedback, so I think the $3 are worth it. The deadline is February 20.


Gathering Storm Magazine

  I’m pretty sure I have posted Gathering Storm before.  Their competitions all have a a group of four categories that each revolve around a single phrase.  As long as your story follows the phrase and is less than 2,000 words they will consider it. The current themes have a date of February 20th.  They also have a category of Fables currently open without a deadline.

I found a website that has a list of writing competitions.  You can find the link for their competition list below but I will post details here for ones that have caught my eye and/or to which I personally will be submitting works.

General Submissions

"Likely Red" Magazine

This magazine is for anyone and they are open to anything.  Just like many of us, they are just starting out too.
I have had the opportunity to come on as a First Reader and be a part of its' rise.  And I'm sure it will take off in no time.

I have found two websites that have competitions throughout the year and accept general submissions as well.  I will post whenever they have a new competion running but here is a little info about each site.
Narrative Magazine has a few different competitions throughout the year.  Their entry fees can seem a bit pricey if you are just starting out but they do have a wide variety of competitions and allow multiple writing types.  They publish short stories, poetry, comics, and more.  Different categories are open for general submission throughout the year as well.
The Fiction Desk publishes short-story anthologies and only accept short stories.  They have three contests throughout the year.  They accept free submissions throughout the year (yay!) that take some time to hear back from but you can donate and hear back in about two weeks.