Monthly Newsletter
March 2018 
Happy Spring everyone!

A time to grow and things are new and there is lots of life.  There are also plenty of new books to be found- my to-read list is growing like a spring flower!  If you pop on over to the Book Corner, you'll see I have updated it with a whole slew of new books.  I have been spending alot of time catching up on reading after the busy holiday season.  You'll find plenty of new recommendations if you are looking for something new.  I'm pretty sure I have pulled ahead in the reading competition I mentioned. Woo-hoo!

I have been reading a lot more and writing a little more.  I have some new things started, and I have recognized that I still have some more work to do with my writing resolution.  But the good thing about resolutions is this- they are works-in-progress.  Whatever you have resolved to do (or not do) doesn't have to happen overnight.  So if you have made only a little progress with your resolutions, that's ok, it's still progress.

Last resolution- submitting and updating.  Definitely need to work on that one more.  So, I did miss a month for the Newsletter, but had added some competitions.  I had a good amount of competitions for which I was awaiting responses but now they are winding down and I need to start submitting again.  So, all-in-all, I haven't done horribly with this resolution but have a lot of work to do.

Hope your resolutions are going well- and if not, don't worry.  Still plenty of time to get going on them.

                                                                           - Brittanie
January 2018 
Happy New Year Everyone!

Resolution time.  I'm sure most of us writers have resolutions to write more, or read more, or submit more, or finally get that work published.  I have all of those resolutions plus one more.  I am resolved to not miss any months updating this website anymore. 
Time to stick to our resolutons everyone.

Maybe that means figuring out a way to keep yourself on track.  Setting small goals on the way to the big goal.  Take my goals for example:
1) Read more:  I have two ways I'm sticking to that.  I keep a list of books I want to read and cross them out as I go and I'm in a reading competition with someone close to me, and the fun of it will keep me on track.
2) Submitting more and updating this website more:  These two can go together.  If I really pay attention to what I submit to, I can update more.  Plus, I keep lists for everything contest and website related.
3) Writing more: That could be as simple as a chapter a day, a page a day, even just writing a sentence a day.  Or even just editing.  Just some point in the day have a piece of your writing in front of you.

Stick to resolutions.  That's the theme for the month and hopefully the year. 


November 2017
Hello in this season of thanksgiving.

I am thankful for:  my new job in book lovers heaven.  Yes, I'm working in a library.
I am thankful for: the publishers who have given my work a chance both past and present.
I am even thankful for: those who didn't feel it was right for them, they at least read it.
Most of all, I'm thankful for (aside from family and friends of course), what I'm most thankful for is every story written, being written, and going to be written.  Even in genres I don't read, even in languages I can't read, and even stories I read and didn't like.  Because as long as stories are being written, as long as people are reading them, then the world has a little more imagination.  The world has a little more creativity.  The world has a little more knowledge and information.
People can learn something new.  People can escape to a different world.  People can be inspired to do something they never would have thought of before.  People can find reading and books for the first time.  People can read the first book they have read in a long time.  People can create stories of their own.

You can create stories of your own.

I can create stories of my own.
September 2017
Hello again everyone!
Oh man, I hate the waiting game.  I have several active submissions.  And I don't know what is worse: the submissions where I know when the decisions should be made and counting down the days or when I have no idea (Is it today? Will the email come in a month?  When? When!).  Every time my email ges off I hope it's from Submittable.  I have them to thank for all my active submissions at the moment.  Their new "Discover" section has lead me to some magazines I hadn't heard of or seen before.  And the "Saved" section/feature has made keeping track of deadlines easier too. 
  But keep this in mind, too.  Like I said, I love Submittable's new system, but it only lists magazines and publishers that use them as their submission platform.  Don't forget to do some researching (or check the Writing Comp page here!) for magazines and contests that use their own submission forms.  "The Southern Review" for example has their own submission website and some deadlines coming up.
I wish everyone else waiting on responses good luck!

                                                                 - Brittanie
August 2017
Hello everyone!  Here we are in the middle of summer and I hope everyone is in the middle of wonderful stories, poems, scripts, whatever you do!
  I'm sure many of you have gone through Submittable for contests and submissions.  In case any one has missed it, or hasn't used Submittable before, they have added a new "Discover" section that shows, I believe, all of the contests and magazines that go through them.  Now, it is A LOT of opportunities, which is a great, but I will still pick out some to highlight so it isn't completely overwhelming.
That new feature turned out wonderfully for me.  While looking through the new "Discover" section I found the magazine "Likely Red".  While looking into the magazine I found a call for First Readers and Guest Editors.  And I am now a First Reader!
I've started to work with the Founder/Editor and read some of the submissions and I think  this brand new magazine is going to be one to watch.
I have attached the link to the Competitions Page.

June 2017
    Still working on some competitions updates for the month but I have something I wanted to pass along to any writer who is looking for some help.

    I have begun setting up a freelance editing service in my area.  And I would like to extend those services to you.  I created this website to help other new writers and this is one way in which I can be of service. 

   Here is the flyer, and if you are interested in some help simply email me for more information.


May 2017
Long time, no see, I know.  Where do I start?

    I have been taking a break from competition submissions over the past few months.  I have been focused on my creative writing class and, though I have been creating stories and poems, I have focused more on polishng and learning than submitting.

  But now the semester is over and I'm looking to submit those works and continue writing others.  That said, I have updated the Writing Competitions page.

   I've added a new page too- Publications.  Up until now I have kept you up to date on what groups I have joined or competitions I am looking into.  But so far I've had limited news on the acceptance front.  And that's ok-  for two reasons.  One is that writing is hard work.  Both the actual process itself and the long, obstacle-filled process of getting your work accepted.  And because of that hard work, when it actually happens, when you get accepted, you can't stop smiling (reason two).  That small Publication page is the fruit of my hard work over a few years, and I couldn't be more proud of it.

It may take a few years, or it may take one submission, but you will get your own Publication page.
January/February 2017
First of the New Year!   A few odds and ends at the moment.

  I did not post a newsletter for January but I did update the competition page.  More competitions will be coming soon, too. 

I do want to mention a new website. has some pretty great stories that have been submitted and published, and you can send them submissions as well.  

  I actually found this website when they contacted me to publish an older story of mine (they are connected to ThinkerBeat but the format/goal is pretty different).  So I have had a story published twice online ("The Fire") and getting the email to give my ok to publish was the greatest thing to happen to me in a while.  It just goes to show that something great can come completely out of the blue.  Don't give up hope, even if nothing really seems to be happening in your writing career- you never know what the next email will bring!

Last thing, we are now on Instagram!  Follow us @itstartswithpage1

December 2016
  Last Newsletter of the year.  Not only that, but it has been a year since the first Newsletter.  I have been running this website for a year, writing more than ever this year, working at a great place, and trying to balance all of those things for a year. 
And a lot has happened.
I have posted about, and submitted to, a variety of magazines, competitions, and local organizations.  Those that have followed have seen information for poetry, for fiction, for critique groups, and more.  Book suggestions have run the gamut from old favorites, to random finds, to research books for my own projects.  One online group was shutdown, I have had anthologies I was a part of abandonded, competitions have been cancelled.  I have learned that no matter how hard I thought it would be to really get started in the writing world, it is 10x harder. 

Which makes me that much more determined to keep this website going.

It isn't easy- the amount of information and opinions and opportunities are endless.  I will continue to do what I can to wade through some of it and give what I can to the writing community.  Writers have had numerous opportunties this year, no matter the subject or form.  And what I have seen for the next year bodes well for those who are continuing to write and submit. 
As always, you can contact me about anything.  If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, critiques- whatever it is- contact me.  This website has a contact form, "Page One" is on Facebook, and the email is [email protected].

I hope everyone ends this year on a high note and wish you the best of luck in the new year.

October/November 2016
   As you can see, I missed another Newsletter.  However, I had updated the Competitions page with a few magazines that had open periods beginning.  If you missed that information, let me know and I will be happy to update you on what has been going on lately.  Email or through the Facebook page, whichever works for you.
    New Newsletter.  New info and competitions this month.  If you have visited here before, you may have seen the "General Submissions" section of the "Writing Competitions" page.  When I first began submitting my works, "Narrative Magazine" and "The Fiction Desk" were the first places I found.  As such, I receive emails from both of them and still submit to some of their competitions.  This month "Narrative" has a Fall Story competition coming to an end November 30, and "The Fiction Desk" just opened up their Ghost Story competition for next year.

These two are just the beginning of the end-of-year story submissions.
Stay tuned!

                                                    - Brittanie
August/September 2016
I apologize for the missing newsletter.  August was a little crazy for me.  But, back to business, with a few things to cover as summer winds down.
  Magazines tend to have a period for open submissions and many start this month.  There are alot out there and you may have to do some research to find the best fit for your particular style or genre.  I will make a point to post some information on ones that catch my eye- look for them in the competition section.  It may open up some more opportunities to do both magazine and competition submissions.
Next order of business.  New online group.  After the shutdown of "Thinker Beat"  I was on the hunt for a new online writers' group.  The new one I found is called "Critique Circle".  As the name implies, critiquing is the focal point of this group.  There aren't any publication opportunities like with "Thinker Beat", but the critiques given are usually  in-depth and there is more interaction between writers.  Plus, the system is pretty fair.  You must critique other works in order to earn enough credits to submit your own works.  No one can constantly submit and not help others with their works- you get what you give.
If anyone joins, look for "BrittMacc", I will try to be as helpful as I can with critiques.  Feel free to contact me there, as well as through the contact form here.

                                                     - Brittanie
July 2016
Short newsletter at the moment.
We have reached the middle of summer and are knee-deep in the middle of a packed submission period.  Short stories, flash fiction, and poetry all have some upcoming deadlines.  Narrative Magazine has two contests alone.  It should be a good month to find something that catches your eye and seems like a good fit for you.
On a side note, Thinkerbeat has been shut down, they said they couldn't afford to run it anymore.  So if anyone knows of a good online writing/critique community, let me know and I will pass the information along.  I will keep looking for a new one, too.

More to come.

                                                 - Brittanie
June 2016
Ok, so this month has a theme too.  Last month it was "go for it", this month it is "don't get discouraged."  That is the theme for a couple different reasons and applies to a couple different scenarios. 
"Don't get discouraged" connects with "go for it".  The more you submit, the more you may get rejected.  That's just the way the odds work.  It may also mean you discover the organization or magazine where you fit, where you belong.  It is all part of the risk you are taking to give others your work.
   Understand this message and theme is for myself too.  Not simply a preachy platitude, but a real struggle I relate to strongly.  This can be a hard world to really be a part of, and there can be times it doesn't seem like you are getting anywhere.  Especially, to start out.  It took me about a year to be published at all, this past April having the first thing I have had printed anywhere.  It can take a month, a year, or several years.  If writing is truly important to you that won't matter, you will keep going.  But know I understand how that feels.    
    Finally, you can't control everything.  Sometimes things happen that affect your attempt to be published or contribute that you have no way of changing. I have had two different anthologies that I was submitting to get cancelled, one I already had a spot in.  My first chance to be published in a printed book was abandonded by the people in control of it.  They couldn't do it, I didn't control it, it just happens.

If you feel discouraged- take a breather, talk to someone, ask another writer about their journey/feelings, go in a different direction with your journey.

May 2016
Hello again everyone! It has been awhile and a lot has been going on.  I apologize for the skimpy month of April, a new job has equaled new things to juggle.  So, let's get started.
First off, Thinker Beat.  I have been on it for a month now and absolutely love it.  The people are friendly, the different aspects are fun, and it has been awesome reading everyone else's works.  There are some great opportunities to be found in the Thinker Beat community.  I myself am ecstatic to say that my, what they call "Story Bites", for the month of April was one of the top works and was published in their Thinker Beat magazine! It was my first work chosen for publication.  It is called "The Fire" and can be found on Thinker Beat Magzine's website.  One of the better features is that during the month you can see how others have rated your story and judge how it is received.  It is a great community to join.  I hope to see you there.
Next up- are there any contests or organizations you are thinking about joining/submitting to but aren't sure?  Go for it.  It can never hurt to try.  Online or local groups can be unexpected goldmines.  There is a program in my town (TN Poets) where you can send them poems and if selected they read it on their monthly public television program.  I sent one in just to see and was accepted.  Never even imagined it would happen.  Go for it.
That is the theme for this month.  Go for it!
If you have any great "go for it" stories, shoot me an email or let me know on Facebook.  It would be great to have more things to pass along to others and great to know others are doing well.  Keep the good luck going for each other.
April 2016
I'm changing things up this month.  I personally won't be submitting to a lot of contests this month (expenses!).  Instead, I am looking into magazines and publications that accept and are looking for short stories.  So... this month is more about publication than anything else.  I may be posting info I find on magazine submissions in the contest section.  The month is new, we will see how it goes.
  On a side note, I want to talk about the writing community.  I am finding out more and more that it is a community.  In the world and online.  I recently (about five minutes ago) joined an online writer's group called "Thinker Beat".  It is a mix of a critique group, magazine that publishes, and contest holder.  Not sure if it is any good yet, but it sounds amazing.  I will keep you posted on that.  If you haven't joined a local (or online) critique group yet, I recommend it again.  I have continued to attend the one in my area  I joined late December, with positive results.  I just finished reading a short story I wrote in college to the group and the critiques have been so helpful.  I cleaned it up, addressed some concerns, and added almost three pages to the overall length, while still trimming words I didn't know I didn't need, until now.  Advice and events in our writers' community have been unbelievable and have helped me move forward with writing more than I could ever do on my own.
  So, join a group nearby or one online and see what it can do to help you.  Share with friends, family, teachers.  Email me if you want, I'm here and happy to help/edit/comment/support.  Help one another. Join the community.

                                                  - Brittanie
March 2016
The weather is changing, spring sports are starting, and new books are being released in droves.  Lots of things to distract and influence.  The shifting seasons offer new inspirations and new opportunities.  I personally believe that all of the distractions in the beginning of spring, holidays, sports, even the flowers, are great sources of inspiration for new material.  I myself used to play softball and have a short, descriptive work describing the ups and downs of a softball season.  It all depends on how you see things.
Whether you use this time to polish up old work or begin something new, there are always contests running.  Here is the rundown from what I have seen so far: March is packed!  Two things have really stood out to me however.  A lot of poetry competitions seem to be running this month. There also seems to be a distinctive range for fees, most are between $15-$25.  Some are higher and some are lower.  If you are strapped for cash at the moment (I feel ya) you may need to be very selective in terms of the number of contests you enter.

Whatever you enter, as many times as you enter, I wish you the luck of the Irish this month!

                                                   - Brittanie
February 2016
     So, who is still following their New Year's resolutions?  Anyone?  Well, if your resolution was to write and/or submit more works, February is the month for that.  Fiction and Poetry writers have a nice mix of organizations and competitions to submit to this month.  And some of the entry fees are pretty low too.  Haunted Waters Press has an interesting one at the end of the month.  They hold a Penny Fiction contest where you submit stories that are exactly sixteen words.  I personally found it to be an interesting challenge.  The details are posted on the Writing Competitions page.
    I have added some new books to the Book Corner that I have recently discovered.  Now I am looking for some of your favorites, new or old, to add!  Post the title and author through the Facebook page or email them, along with a brief description of the book and why you loved it enough to recommend.
  On a side note, I recently started going to a Writer's Critique Group at my local library.  I have only been there twice so far but I already know I will continue to go.  It has been helpful to have outside input and editing, and great to hear and enjoy others works.  I recommend joining your own local group, or even starting your own!
                                                           - Brittanie
January 2016
Happy New Year everyone!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season. 
So... new year, new competitions!  I have been using the site "New Pages" a lot to find new competitions, as they have a large list of competitions for the year.  As it is an extensive list I will choose a few of them each month to highlight here that are either lower in price and/or accept a wider variety of works/genres.  Contests that seem a little more new-writer friendly to me.  The details for the competitions can be found on the Writing Competitions page and I will have quick facts and reminders on our Facebook page.  However, I also recommend checking them out for even more opportunities.
Hoping everyone has a productive and successful New Year.
                                                                                   - Brittanie
Hello and Welcome!

  Both my website and myself are new to the writing world (so please bear with me!).  Let me start off with a little about myself, that way the reason for the website will become clear.
  I was always carrying a book as a kid, to school, to softball practice, to my grandparents' house, anywhere really.  All I needed was one free moment and the books I loved so much would be opened and I would be lost to the world.  I am still like that and always will be.  And with that love- of characters, of worlds, of stories- came a desire to write, to create my own characters, worlds, and stories.  But I began to fear that I couldn't make it my future.  Doubt won.
  Until college.  Spring semester, senior year to be exact.  It only took one creative writing class, taken as an elective with friends, for that  long, lost dream to come back with a vengence and not let go.  So, I graduated with a degree in Psychology and a slightly secret, growing desire to change my path.  I started to write again.  A few stories and a smattering of poems, and it just felt right.  So, I am very new to writing as a future path.  A handful of competition entries and zero wins (at the moment... hopefully). 
  I am not an expert.  I am barely a rookie.  And that is why I created this website, to help the other rookies out there.  You will see things here that I have found while beginning my writing journey, including competitions and resources.  I also have a section for books on here, my favorites, new discoveries, and your favorites if you have any you would like to share.  For most, writing starts with a love of reading.  I will post new information at least once a month and welcome any and all input too!
Enjoy and Good Luck!
                                                                                                      - Brittanie